The guidebook is now on-line as a pdf file.

Attention Vendors! Here are links to key forms - all booths come with a sign, table, and two chairs. LATE BREAKING NEWS - We now provide carpet over the entire floor!

1. List of Rules and Regulations for Vendors;
2. Order for Additional Electricity (basic amt. is made available to each vendor as part of booth fee);
3. Order for Forklift Use;
4. Drayage/Shipping Form;
5. Decorating Form (use this form to order carpet, extra tables, etc.); and
6. Banner Sign Form (use this form to hang your banner from the ceiling);



We have been notified by one of our vendors that a company is falsely representing M-A-T-E and seeking to get you to reserve hotels and trade show services through them. BEWARE! Contact hotels directly to make your reservation - DO NOT go through a third party. Go through the Fredericksburg Expo Center to purchase services not normally provided in your M-A-T-E booth package. A similar scam is taking place with other shows.


Thanks to Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland,  a pdf of the developing program form is available. Registration is also open! Go to the registration page or download a a pdf of the registration form.